Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 19, 2010

It’s hard to believe a week has gone by and that Tanya and Janice are already on their way home! We plan to spend the day and a half by the pool and the ocean while we await new guests – Marilynn & Bill.
Let me tell you about a day by the ocean. Here are the things we do and see:
First of all, if you look to your left and right, you will see a few small dots of people here and there in the distance, but rarely anyone nearby. Now and then, someone walks the beach, or the locals come and play in the waves, but most of the day, we are pretty much alone.
Pelicans lumber over the water, dive for fish, while terns and cormorants float in the drafts above. Crabs dance all over the sand. I have learned to find the hermit crabs amusing, although they still look like giant spiders to me.
There is always a deliciously salty pacific-scented breeze wafting over us, though sometimes it’s a fierce wind and we have to tie everything down. The sea is always different and endlessly fascinating. From calm, placid currents to enormous, thunderous waves, rolling and unrolling on the shore, the waves provide mesmeric theatre.
The horseshoe bay is dotted with rocks, hills, trees, a few apartments and homes. The higher mountains frame the picturesque hillsides.
Fish jump occasionally, even stingrays now and then. All kinds of cargo ships come in and out of the harbor, including cruise ships. We take great interest in guessing what the cargo ships are delivering and where the cruise passengers are from. Fishermen pass by in their laden motorboats, nets empty or full depending on the time of day.
A feather flips over in the sand and I think of my sister Candace, hope she is still sailing on the breezes.
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