Friday, January 22, 2010

January 20-22, 2010

The days slip by like a sailboat on a steady breeze, soft and swift and pleasurable. Marilynn and Bill arrive and fit in as though they’ve always been here. We are fairly quiet, sipping cold drinks, eating well, doing a little bit of local shopping. I say hello to a small boy as I wait on the sidewalk for Vince to pick some luscious tomatoes and he corrects me. He says Buenos Dias with his little tongue protruding on the “s” and so I copy him. He smiles and says, “Correcto” and his little sister giggles. We say Adios and they smile and wave. Back here in the neighbourhood shops, chickens and roosters call out, race around frantically, and some of their relative sizzle up on the open air BBQ for our dinner. The meat is fresh, yellow corn-fed. The vegetables taste like Canadian summer-kissed backyard veggies, rich and juicy.
One afternoon Bonnie starts us off on a sing-a-long with her ukele and later we graduate to the iPod. We sing and laugh and the sun dips below the horizon, leaving an orange pencil mark behind. Suddenly there are stars and a smile of a moon overhead. We continue singing, laughing and drinking until we realize we are tired and haven’t had any dinner. The last strains of music lead the couples as we dance over the patio, snuggling and smiling, and now we are ready for bed. As Tanya said, it’s certainly time, as it’s well after nine o’clock!
Today there is a strong breeze, practically a wind, coming off the ocean, but it’s gorgeous and warm. Cam and Bruce arrive today. As we sit waiting, a whale suddenly slaps its tail on the surface a relatively short distance away in the bay. They are in Manzanillo Bay at last!! Later in the afternoon, we see groups of them through the binoculars. The enormous capital T of their tails lift above the water, crashing back down in a white spray. Now and then they breach: the huge bodies, fins splayed, dive sideways in playful jumps. They are so close we can hear the thunder of their clapping on the surface. We watch breathless for an hour as they cavort, following the brilliant pathway of the sun. And so the entertainment goes.
Tonight we will try out a new local restaurant for dinner and then have tequila shooters to toast the newcomers, both human and whale.
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