Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February 19-20-21-22, 2010

Friday: When we wake up in the morning, it’s still a little drizzly and cloudy, but soon the sun makes its appearance. Maire and John and Rosaleen stay behind to wait for her stray luggage, which is supposed to be delivered today, but the rest of us hop on the bus and head for Colima and Comala. Colima City is the capital of the state of Colima. It’s a lovely little city, with a gorgeous square in the middle of the downtown. Orange trees and bougainvilleas and luscious trees, flowers and bushes fill the square. On one side is the hotel that Leedalo, Davey, Barb and Doug stayed in. On the other is the governor’s palace, a typical Spanish design with little balconies and gardens in the centre. One staircase is particularly beautiful; there’s a mural that graces the walls depicting the history of Mexico. I’d love to learn more about their past, but we would need a guide or at least a map of the where the museums are located. Maybe next time! We see the remnants of the rodeo and parades and we guess that there will be more celebrating tonight, but we don’t plan to stay. We hop in a cab and go to Comala. By now we are starving, so sitting at Don Comalon is just the ticket. They serve the greatest tapas with the beer – all sorts of dishes, sauces, fresh vegetables and fruit at the end. We have to ask them to stop bringing food! This is a small town, again with a beautiful square in the centre. We buy some authentic cookies and bread from a friendly local and give some coins to a small boy (which we shouldn’t do, but we don’t want the change purse he’s selling and he is just so damn cute). When we finally get back to the bus station, there isn’t a bus back to Manzanillo until an hour later, so we sit and relax in the breezeway and talk. Back home, we find out that Rosaleen’s luggage still did not arrive! Maire and John take Rosaleen out for dinner at El Caribe. Later, some play cards, some of us (like me) go to bed early and read (or write).
Saturday – After Aquafit, we head out to the market on the bus and look around for a short time. (I won’t mention the incident of how I splashed Helen in the face; it’s a very sensitive matter.) There aren’t any of the good nuts for sale (the ones drenched in butter, grease and sugar) – very disappointing! We go to Juanito’s for lunch – it’s delicious. We meet John and Maire’s friends, Mike and Carol. On the way back, we stop off at Soriana’s to get a few things that we missed the last time. It’s an afternoon and evening at home, sitting on the beach, walking on the sand, laughing, talking, swimming in the pool, playing dice: a typical example of our theme song (by Zach Brown): Toes in the water, ass in the sand, no a worry in the world, cold beer in my hand. Life is good today!
Sunday – It’s my daughter’s 37th birthday today and I am missing her terribly! In the morning, we go for breakfast at Bricio’s. Later, some of the gang heads to the baseball game. Vince goes to the airport with Nacho’s brother, Carlos, doing the driving this time. Mary Jo and Peter arrive at the condo around 3:30. We take them on a little tour of the compound, introduce them to everyone (except Maddison, who, unfortunately, is not feeling well). Now there are two Peters – we decide one is Pete (Kearns) and the other is Peter (Dwyer). We drink Tequila Sunrises (I follow Davey’s recipe and they turn out pretty tasty, I must say). Later, we all go out to El Caribe to toast MJ and Peter’s arrival.
Monday – Today we go out early again on the bus to meet Sandy, Pete, Rosaleen and John, who have climbed the mountain. We get to The Colonial Hotel and they are already there, Mike and Carol too. The architecture in this beautiful old building is exquisite, very Spanish in design (Peter says it’s a great place for a Zorro film). Intricate wooden lattices surround the windows, chandeliers hang gracefully from the ceiling, there is a courtyard in the centre of the inn. We have a great breakfast, then walk through the city streets to the iguana compound. Everyone enjoys holding or admiring the lovely creatures, then we’re off to peruse the shops and markets everywhere. Later, after Bar Social and our favourite singer, we head back home, do Aquafit, sit by the ocean, relax on the sand and enjoy each other’s company. It’s a wonderful, interesting, typical day.
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