Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Twisted Sister

One of my editors asked me the other day, "Where does all this evil come from?" I thought it was a good question and reminded me of the speech my esteemed colleague from Crime Writers Canada, Anthony Bidulka, made at a Bloody Words Conference. He talked about "You know you're a crime writer when..." One point on his list really hit home. My husband and I were driving along one sunny day, mostly in silence, when he asked me sweetly, "What are you thinking about, honey?" I answered, "I was just wondering. If you shot someone in the stomach, how long would it take them to die?"(He hasn't asked me that question since then.) Anthony's list included something like: "You know you're a crime writer if you spend your time thinking about different ways to kill people." Even my sisters now and then refer to me as Twisted, and cannot believe my normally sunny position turns to dark deeds in dark dingy places. But truthfully, I have always been fascinated by the layers of strong emotions that drive people. Driven to drink, to maim, to abuse, to murder - or to protect, love and admire. What causes one person to go one way and another the opposite, even when they have similar upbringings/childhoods? I find this phenomenon infinitely interesting. See Anthony's fabulous website and blog (oh yah, there's one with me in it - April 19 - what a coincidence!
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