Friday, May 7, 2010

Good Exercise

In my newfound freedom to just write, I am back already (no editing, so again I apologize to my faithful followers, but I am just satisfying my need to be more prolific: I hope it's not painful for you). You know how "they say" that laughter is good exercise? Well, I've decided that a wailing, deep-from-the-belly weep is good for you too. It must be, since I feel so much better this morning! Last night, when I walked in the door after an orgy of eating at my culinary creative cugina's house, and realized that only two fur faces would greet me from now on - and not the one who would hop onto my shoulder immediately to be carried around like the prince he was - I began to cry. The tears didn't stop, even as I went upstairs to the bedroom, so I put my head down on my pillow and just let it rip. I literally howled. I felt sad about my cat, I missed my son, I thought about all the people close to me who'd died and the people close to all my friends who'd died and the people close to the people in the newspaper and on the radio who'd died. I cried for them all, likely so I wouldn't feel selfish or over-dramatic sobbing over a little fur-footed creature. All this thinking about the grief in the world kept the tears flowing, I must say. My eyes swelled up into big red puffballs that still look rather silly this morning. BUT - I do think I am slimmer. The heaving shoulders, the pounding of the fists, the lungs expanding from the howling part - I really do think it sheds weight. Even though it's cold today, it's sunny, and I have tons of work to do, and another free dinner tonight. It couldn't be any better. Not to mention, the exercise was cerebral too. I decided to go to the dark side - write about my sad character who killed her friend - use the agony to describe her emotional roller coaster as she deals with the aftermath. What a gift to be able to write it all out, way better than crying it all out - you don't get swelled eye lids and blotches on your cheeks and you have something to show for it besides a very wet pillow. So, off to writing I go, lu'y lu'y bahstahd (quoting from Life of Brian) that I am.
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