Thursday, February 2, 2012

February 1, 2012

     On the first day of our avowed routine (30 minute walk, 50 minute aqua fit), we already detour. We are anxious to see our lovely Bricio family, so we stop and have breakfast at their restaurant. However, we are both unable to finish our meals, so maybe we’re doing better than we used to. There are clouds today, big fat muggy grey ones. It's all right with me; I have to ease into the sun anyway. 
     My grackle is back, hopping from branch to branch of the palm tree above the pool. He answers my "Hola!" with a squeak of his own. He likes to mimic any sound, so we talk back and forth for a while.
     We get a very welcome email from Kristen: Every night we keep Lucas in our room with the door closed. Well last night, Monkey came out of her hiding spot at 4am to wake up and get rubs and snuggles from Catey! She crawled into her bed and purred and rubbed against her, let her pet her and then she left again. Lol I'm glad she's coming out at night!
      When we sit on the sand bank later, I again realize that the ocean is busy. Pacifico has already built this wall upon which we are sitting. In less than four months, he has put back enough that we have a nice flat hard strip to walk on. Much easier to traverse than it used to be, because the slope is further out. But when Joba was done, there was no sand at all, just water.
     I think most of you know that I am here to write. My next post is going to be about that process. I hope you'll read, even if you don't write, because I want some feedback. Today, some pictures!

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