Friday, April 20, 2012

Goosebump Friday

This has been a full day of goosebumps. Last night at the Arthur Ellis Shortlist Event in Toronto, our RVP, Mike McPherson, actually read out my name when he got to the short story category. I was flustered (fell apart as the emcee at that point) and thrilled. To have my name in that list is a dream come true. Since I was seven, I remember wanting to be an author. I use the word author because I already had the compulsion to write - that was a pure gift from my parents and other ancestors in my gene pool - so I was already a writer. Being an author meant having written something that others read. I had that obsession, too; I wrote fairy tales for my friends in Grade 3. So to be one of the Arthur Ellis finalists - the Crime Writers of Canada's highest recognition of excellence in mystery writing - you can imagine the goosebumps. Then all day long - the congratulations from people whom I admire greatly. Those goosebumps just kept coming. On top of that, The Bridgeman is on another freebie promo this weekend, and people are continuing to download it from all over the world. I am lucky, humbled, grateful, filled with joy - can't describe the tumble of emotions. FREE! The Bridgeman April 20-22
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