Monday, June 4, 2012

May 31, 2012

On Thursday, May 31, Crime Writing Month came to a close with a HUGE day of excitement for me. A quadruple day!!

My article was in the National Post’s Afterword, entitled “It’s A Mystery”. Afterword: It's A Mystery 
My Tips for Writers appeared in CBC Canada Writes. CBC: CanadaWrites
The Instant Cash episode with my daughter and me appeared on television. Instant Cash, Episode 18

I was so busy organizing the Arthur Ellis Dinner for Crime Writers of Canada that I couldn’t find a second to go and look. But then came the best moments of all.

Mary Jane Maffini, one of my idols, read out my name as the winner of the Best Short Story.  I immediately began to cry. Completely undignified.

I had given all the finalists instructions about having a 2 minute speech ready, so I had to follow my own rules. This is the speech I read/squeezed out between tears.

“Thank-you to NorthWord Magazine for giving my story a home. To the Arthur Ellis judges for picking mine from all the fabulous stories on the final list. I’m sure it was an out-of-the-hat kind of choice. To my family, friends, and Crime Writers of Canada colleagues, I wouldn’t be standing here if it weren’t for you, especially my husband Vince. This story is about a teacher and a child, so I dedicate my award to all teachers and to the children who have made my life spectacular.”

Later, the President of Crime Writers of Canada presented me with the Derrick Murdoch Award, for outstanding contribution to the organization. Once again, I read the speech, since I didn’t trust myself to be able to remember it.

“Thank-you from the bottom of my heart, especially to Garry Ryan. I feel like an interior decorator who gets credit for the beautiful house. Meanwhile there are so many people in this room who built the foundations that are unseen but which hold everything together. Next were the electricians and the plumbers who had to weather sparks and floods to ensure that everything worked. I came along and added some furniture, paint and accessories, and this year, I’m getting the credit for that. Luckily, this house that Crime Writers of Canada built has no roof. We can continue to climb skyward and I have no doubt that we will. Melodie and Alison, I would go out and engrave your names next to mine, but I have a feeling that you’ll get your own some day.”

Oh what a night!!! Next to the birth of my children, one of the best ever.

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