Monday, June 25, 2012

Tag! You're IT!

I was challenged by Alison Bruce, author of Deadly Legacy, to go to page 7 of my current work-in-progress (Emily Taylor Mystery #5, Sweet Karoline) and post 7 lines. Then, find 7 authors to tag in turn. Here are the 7 lines from page, on to find 7 other poor suckers...I mean, fun authors...
Ethan and Officer Peters put on plastic gloves and leaned over the railing, up on tiptoes, as though they too would hurl themselves into space.
She looks like a jigsaw puzzle with a couple of pieces gone. The line from the song zigzagged through my head.
Ethan looked around and back at me, his eyes searching and quizzical, and at first I was afraid that I’d sung out loud.
“How did she make it over the railing?” he asked, his voice catching in his throat, as though every time he looked at me he wanted to sob or cough. “It’s pretty high and she’s awfully short.”

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