Friday, October 5, 2012

Cleveland ROCKS!

We have a wonderful drive to Cleveland, very little traffic, construction that really didn’t slow us down, sentinels of trees in full uniform: hues of reds, greens, yellows. We both have naps (when we’re not driving).

When we arrive, we’re starving, so we order a late lunch – a linner I guess – up to our lovely room. At least in the tourist industry – I won’t make a blanket statement – the Americans are so hospitable. From the valet to the person who served our lunch, they can’t be more helpful. The waiter’s wife is a huge book fan, so I give him a copy of my novel.

He’s right to be excited. Many of the top bestselling mystery and crime writers are in this building! Creativity permeates the air. My muse sits up and pays attention, something like Dexter’s dark passenger, alert to others like me. People obsessed with putting ideas onto paper. People who love the genre of mystery for all its permutations: thriller, amateur sleuth, detective, police procedural, classic whodunit. I could go on and on. Not to mention the myriad of themes and issues that can be woven through them. Romance, social justice, comedy, domestic matters, young adult and children’s interests…again, I could go on.

I’ve told you before why I love the genre. The bad guys always get their comeuppance. Unlike real life, there is a satisfying punishment.

We have a great time at the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame with Carolyn and John. We wander absolutely everywhere in the time we have. What an incredible collection! Talk about atmosphere – you feel and hear the music, including the writing of that music, those lyrics, all through you.

I wake up this morning absolutely primed for panels, schmoozing, talking about the writing process, talking about books. Seeing my Crime Writers of Canada friends. Meeting new ones. I'll let you know how it goes.

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