Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Barbados Blog 3: Jolly Rogering

Sunday, November 25 : Jolly Roger

We have so much fun on the Jolly Roger that it’s difficult to recount everything. Luckily, I can tell the tale mostly through Wendy and Dennis's pictures.

 When we first board, we find a spot in the shade and revel in the breeze once we set sail. It’s not very crowded and the rum punch is delicious right from the start. Not too far out, we anchor near a sunken ship. On go our masks and snorkels and we’re soon in the water, heads down, following a member of the crew who leads us to the spot. It’s quite windy and there’s a pretty strong current, but we kick through it until we’re on top of the relic. Beautiful striped, yellow and black, tiny blue, big pink fish, angle in and out of the sunken vessel below us. Schools of them seem to tickle our feet. I’ve never snorkeled over a ship before and I find it thrilling. I can see where the fish and the ocean have taken over and made our junk their home. Green moss and waving ferns make the rusting hunk almost beautiful.

Back on board, we continue the rum punch. A delicious buffet lunch is served, including my new favourite, macaroni pie. The group is revved up now, dancing on board, watching other sailboats cruise by, enjoying all the free sights and oh yes, the free booze. 

My baby sister had reminded me this morning of the trip she took with our mom and dad years ago, on a Jolly Roger ship similar to the Black Pearl version we’re on. After a few rum punches, they began to neck, which really grossed her out. By the time I am finished this cruise, I want to bring my whole family with me. The kids would have a ball and the adults would become foolish and fun.

Our next stop is a snorkeling swim with the turtles. One of the crew brings a bag of fish that entices the huge turtles to come close. I stick close to him as he feeds one, then two, then a third little one. He is able to encircle one of them with his arms; she almost hugs him, then he coaxes her closer to me, where I can pat her head and feel her rocky shell. She blinks at me lazily, interested only in what there is to eat. It’s such a thrill.

Later we do all the crazy stuff. First, Dennis and I each walk the plank. When you get out onto the end of the board, it’s a bit wobbly, but you’re too embarrassed to turn back, so in you go. Now I can actually say it was fun! Next comes the rope swing. At first I’m too scared, but we’ve met a couple of women from New York, Maureen and Julie, and they talk me into it. That turns out to be a riot, too.
The return sail is gorgeous: breezy, easy, and somehow everything is funny. We dance on the deck, laugh, Dennis and Wendy take tons of pictures. There’s even a revival of necking! An absolute blast is had by all.

Back at the hotel, we continue the laughter out by the deck, bob in the ocean, participate in happy hour and eat a terrific dinner. Arrrr, mateys, you gotta come to Barbados!

The rum punch is delicious!

Our ship, The Black Pearl!

Ready for snorkelling!

Weren't the turtles magnificent?

Wendy and Dennis loved it too!

Awesome! Beautiful! (The sea life, not me in a mask.)

Queen of the world! Jack and Rose!

Cuginas! (Or is it Cugini?)

Walking the plank!

What kind of pirate holds her nose?

Dennis's turn!

Another pirate who holds his nose!

Laid back Vinnie: even he was feeling the punch!

Deck dancing!

And singing...I am Canajun!

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