Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Oh What a Thrill!

I absolutely LOVE writing. At times, I can't even focus on the conversation I'm having because I am writing in my head. I'm the kind of author who "cooks" the story for a long time, in notes, scribbles, memory. As I age, however, I'm discovering that I can't multitask like I used to - thus the vacant stares every once in while when I'm supposed to be doing two things at once (e.g. writing and talking).

When I get the words right, it's absolutely thrilling. For instance, I love this passage from THE BRIDGEMAN because I think it describes Emily and Langford's love for one another so well.

I actually get a shiver when I read it. Every time. I think it shows why being a writer is such an obsession: when you love what you do, and when you get it "write", it hooks you forever.

THE BRIDGEMAN is free December 26-27-28 so I can get YOU hooked on the series.



He began to rub my neck, kneading the tension in my shoulders, letting his hands play over the small soft hairs at the nape of my neck. Standing very close to me, touching me, I could feel his body begin to respond, as I snuggled into his arms. I turned as I finished the last (telephone) call, my arms around his hips, my face buried in his t-shirt. I loved the smell of him, slightly sweaty mixed with a little of the fragrance of paint and soap. He tilted my head up, smiled at me, his eyes tracing over my face with the gratitude and wonder of someone who had almost lost his love and would forever appreciate regaining it.
We kissed for a while, slowly at first and then more urgently, before he led me to our bed. Once we were undressed, he caressed me, his artist's hands exploring my body with tenderness and knowledge. I allowed my mind to drift, became aware only of the soft hairs of his body, the gentleness of his fingers, the wetness of my response... I let myself blend into him, felt the strength flowing between us, knew that whatever else happened in our lives, this was all that was really important.
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