Monday, July 15, 2013

Good Times!

Sweet Karoline, good times never seemed so good, so good, so good! Isn't it nice of Neil Diamond to stop by and serenade? And change the C to K?

As of late last night (in southern Ontario anyway), Sweet Karoline hit #40 on What a thrill!

(Before I forget, you can click on the book cover and go to Amazon and download it for a mere 99¢ US. Intro price so hurry.)

This week I am on a virtual book tour. It's soooo exciting. Almost as good as being there. Come with me!

Oh, and don't forget the Rafflecopter Contest. Lots of great prizes.

You can stop by the Author Island Party on Facebook today or tomorrow, too: Cyber Party

Here's my hectic tour schedule for today. Please drop in.
Tomorrow, I'm off to other exotic lands!!

See why I LOVE being an author? Thanks to my publisher, Imajin Books, I get to travel all over the world and take Sweet Karoline with me.

July 15:
Joyce Strand in California
The Dark Phantom
The Story Behind the Book

See you tomorrow - and thanks, always. I never take you for granted.

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