Friday, July 5, 2013

Virtual Book and Blog Tour - WTH is That?

Since I can't afford (yet) to get on a plane, train or automobile and go traipsing around the world promoting my book, I let my fingers do the walking.

I have a whole list of wonderful bloggers and authors who are willing to host me on their blogs. From all around the world! They're wonderful people and great writers as well, so while you're reading my guest post, check them out, too.

You can come with me. Simply get on the circuit and follow me around. I'll send you all the links in advance and off we go. Don't even need to pack your toothbrush.

You can, however, drink beverages of a social nature, since there is no driving to be done.

 Sit back, read, laugh. You can even eat or watch TV at the same time if you are multitask minded.

Here are the dates and links for the Pre-Launch Blog Tour. Remember, we'll be there twenty-four hours a day! (You can click on the names to go directly there, or copy and paste the url.)

Saturday, July 6: Right here! Win a prize if you can guess, "Where Am I?" Katy's Words

Sunday, July 7: Off to Oakville with my friend, Funny Girl Melodie

Monday, July 8: Go to Guelph and see my friend, Alison Bruce

Tuesday, July 9: I'll be coming back home for a change of clothes. Stop right here at Katy's Words, because you could be a winner!

Wednesday, July 10: A quick visit to Toronto to see my friend, Liz Bugg.

Thursday, July 11: All the way out to Vancouver to see my friend, Robin Spano

Friday, July 12: Coming home once again to refuel and prepare for the launch on July 14. Be here at Katy's Words, cuz more prizes are on the horizon. You'll also hear about all the upcoming fun as Sweet Karoline gets unleashed!

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