Thursday, December 19, 2013

All I Want For Christmas

    All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth, my two front teeth...

 When I was seven, all I really did want was two front teeth.

 Now that I'm...older than seven, I only want one thing. It's a giant thing, though.

  I want a family compound. You might think this is a throw-back to my flower child, hippie days.  What I have in mind does resemble a commune or a kibbutz.

The dream is uppermost in my mind today because I am stuck here while my cousins grieve the loss of my aunt.

You see, I adore every single person in my familial circle. I want to have them close by.

I'd like to look out of my mobile home (I always picture big fat buildings with sides that expand into living rooms and libraries) and see my sisters' and cousins' and nieces'/nephews' and all of our children's trailers through the trees.


We always have trees and lots of land. (I mean, everyone needs their space, even people who love each other.) Oh and a lake that we can swim in during the summer or skate on in winter. Our mobile homes are lovely and outfitted with all the latest in technology.
We have an enormous building in the centre of the property. It looks something like a barn, all pine and oak. It's got lots of rooms for guests upstairs.

Downstairs, we hold dances, parties, and writers' conferences. The older people work from home - writer, photographer, on-line entrepreneur, casting name it.

The younger people have careers and drive away every morning. There is always someone who wants to stay home and take care of the babies.

Once the older people get really old, we'll have caregivers for them, too, from among the talented nieces/nephews/kids/grandkids.

     Doesn't that sound idyllic? It's all I want for Christmas. Oh, plus I need to win that $100 million dollar lottery first.

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