Monday, January 19, 2015

Florida 2015: Part 3

We depart in the sunshine from Valdosta after a great hot breakfast. Monkey is pissed off this morning. She curls up in her carrier and sleeps, mumbling, "Aren't we there yet?"

When we pass the Suwannee River (with the music printed underneath its name on the sign),

I think about the many parks, roads, rivers and signs that give tribute to American artists.

Do we Canadians do that? Is there a sign in Neepawa that says, "Margaret Laurence called this Manawaka"? A sign in Merrickville that says, "Catherine Astolfo called this Burchill"?

If not, I think we should.

Now that we're across the Florida line, there are tons of small lakes and ponds and rivers. Lots of water in this state!

The Eagles sing "Peaceful, Easy Feeling" and Vince and I join in, harmony and all.

A billboard screams, "We Bare All: Couples Welcome".

We keep singing to the radio as the palm trees grow more numerous.

At the real Florida Welcome Stop, we have our orange juice and pile up with tourist books.

Finally we are here at our home away from home! It's a nice little three bedroom bungalow with a lanai and a pool.
How lucky am I? When I look back from the great heights of a few days away from becoming a senior citizen, I am astonished at my life.

Of course there have been times of anguish, mistakes made, loss and grief, and there are bound to be other low points. That's real life. 

But oh, what heights I've hit! Love, friendship, success, joy.

And as Bugs would say, on with the show, this is it.

This year, 2015, will bring lean, screen and zine. Which to me translates as: get in better physical condition; write another script and have the first one go to the movies; publish novella, YA novel, non-fiction inspirational book, short you think that's enough ambition for this year?

Some of these may turn out to be wishful thinking, but it's like spending your lottery ticket in your imagination. You sure have fun while it lasts.

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