Monday, July 18, 2016

Brigus: A Newfie Blog

We arrive at the Seacliff in a bit of a fog - and not just weather related. We've been here before, three years ago, and totally enjoyed our stay. The house is a wonder of great design and no expense spared on the furnishings, art (all local) and workmanship. Every space is used creatively. Windows yawn widely onto the sea where possible.

Different rooms have different styles and sizes and, therefore, prices, but they're all comfortable.

We are greeted by Donna who asks if we're here for the wedding. Turns out there are two of them tomorrow - one in Brigus and one in Cupid's, and they are the talk of the towns. After settling in, we have a few drinks in the common room and crash onto our various beds.

We're in The Garret, which requires a lot of stairs to go down to the common room for a drink. It's worth the climb up and down, however, because the view out of our window is awesome.

We wake up to the bark of gulls and fishing boats steaming out to sea.

 Here's where Marival's lucky rocks begin to shine: Saturday begins with a rolling fog and brightens into a gloriously sunny day by noon.

After a fabulous breakfast, we walk into town and explore the sights.

 First, we walk through Captain Bob Bartlett's Tunnel, built for him to ease the offloading from his wharf to the main part of the village.

As we learn more about Captain Bartlett, known as a "gentleman adventurer," we come to admire his enterprising and gregarious nature. Not to mention the fact that he is courageous and smart.

Beautiful historic church.

A lecture on multiculturalism was taking place here.

Hawthorne Cottage, where Bob Bartlett's parents raised 10 kids, and where Captain Bob would return after his many adventures on the sea.

Bob added a second story so he'd have a room to sleep in when needed.

Bob Bartlett went on several trips to the Arctic, including three with Admiral Peary.

Once, when his ship sank, he coaxed his shipmates into surviving several days in an igloo. He left only as the ship went down, keeping himself occupied by listening to music and then throwing the vinyl into the fire to keep warm.

A truly fascinating character!

 You can walk everywhere in this little place and there are interesting points to visit on each corner. Everyone waves, gives the Newfie nod, or stops to talk, or all three.

The Old Forge, dressed up in a Jellybean colour.

The Old Stone House Museum was really interesting.

Of course, I found a ghost story, not to mention a humorous sign. I think there are humorous signs everywhere. Or is that simply our twisted way of thinking?

I've got to steal this story for one of my own!
I love it.

Okay then!

Better keep me pigs and goats under control.

This is our next door neighbour.

 Some good market, b'y!

And it was! Excellent homemade crafts, soaps, food (though we're way too full to partake) and of course, there's always fun.


Brigus to St. John'

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