Sunday, July 17, 2016

France to Canada, A Newfie Blog

July 15: Our morning is drizzly, although the wind is warm. We do a little shopping, but it’s awfully expensive, especially since our dollar and the Euro are still far apart. 


We explore the museum, which is filled with artifacts and information about the history of St. Pierre. 

 Even the shape of the building is interesting!

We can't help it - we have a good laugh over this one. It might become our new swear word, Christ on a Fondue!

We vote for our favourite photograph under the theme of The Raging Sea. They’re all so good, it’s difficult to choose. We gaze at the guillotine, one that was used in executions here on the island, up close to the horror of this death machine.


The rest of the day isn’t as fun as the rest of our days have been. The return on the ferry is rocky because of the enormous waves and pounding rain. When we get to Fortune, it’s still raining hard. All the way along the road – and it’s a long, long drive today – the rain and fog keep us locked in their grip.

Cugina’s gift: a bag full of “Two for the Road” snacks. These keep us happy!

We’ve entered the high rock hills and thick forests again. Bent over in the wind, the trees arch themselves against the driving rain. Rivers flow hard and full.  The sea throws itself onshore. Water puddles on the roadsides and roars up from under the wheels of our car. In here it’s dry and quiet as John fights the streams and ruts that have become small ditches of rain. Ironically we’re suddenly in Swift Current.

Dark clouds are visible on the mountainsides, swirling and fighting in the storm.  The fog wins and we drive through the clouds. We can just see Wendy and Dennis ahead of us. We make a pit stop at Goobies – the town – and are back in the fog and mist once more.

With signs warning of moose and the rain pouring down, I remember Donna’s opinion that we are lucky not to have seen one.  We’d been complaining that, in three trips, we haven’t seen a single moose. “When you see them, they’re usually coming up from the side of the road into your path, at dusk or dawn, and you don’t want that.” True that!

About 90 k’s from St. John’s, the clouds go back to the sky and the rain clears. We figure the wind that’s tugging our car this way and that is blowing the rain toward Brigus.

However - Marival's lucky rocks do bring us the sunshine...

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