Monday, June 12, 2017

Baltic Sea Cruise 2017: The Ship

I thought I’d spend this post on the ship, instead of referring back to it from the various tours. This was only my second cruise. Maybe because I knew what to expect, I enjoyed this ship a lot more than I did the other (who shall remain Nameless). I liked the way Norwegian Cruise Lines planned meals, for instance: there were lots of restaurants to choose from and you didn’t have to sit in the same place with the same server every night. The crew seemed happier, perhaps better treated by their employers, than the staff on Nameless. The entertainment was far superior. The ship was probably not full, because the few line-ups were short and fast.

Something I didn't know, but Wendy made sure we were aware of: you can bid on an upgrade. Rita and I followed Cugina's advice, but I made a mistake and bid $10 more than Wendy and Carolyn. We all got upgraded! (Probably more proof that the ship was not full.) However, Rita and I got a bigger cabin - that $10 made all the difference, I'm sure.
Our room was awesome. Lots of space, even a pull-out couch along with our two beds, and a huge bathroom.
Not to mention the glorious balcony. It was warm enough in Germany to have breakfast on the deck, though the rest of the cruise, the wind and cool temperatures kept us from spending too much time out there.

Even though the weather was cool, I would  recommend doing this particular cruise in May.

The destinations were still crowded, but nothing like they are in the summer, according to our local guides. And you can move around the ship more easily, partake of the amenities and entertainment without too much elbowing for a spot.

Here's a prime reason for taking the cruise in May. No one else is brave enough to swim! You can have the entire pool to yourself all day long. The pool was heated and gorgeous and the sun was shining. So what if you shiver for a few seconds when you get out? (My answers to that dilemma are to get out as seldom as possible and to drink Bahama Mamas when you do.)

 The pool area on the ship was awesome. If only I'd had Zoe or Catey or Sydney or Livi or any of the boys to go climbing and diving with!
Everyone else lounged at the sides or sat in the hot tubs. Chickens!

They had big, comfy chairs to lounge in as we listened to music. Someone always appeared to ask if we wanted drinks.

Wendy and Carolyn.

Even Rita got her money's worth.

 The (alcohol) drinks package was the best bargain we ever made. Every day they had a drink of the day.

Rita and I discovered a delicious red wine that we've since purchased when we got back home.

Music by Into the Drift was especially great.

There be casino winners on this trip!

 'Twas not I, alas.

Too bad we couldn't bring our bartender back with us, too. 

Our husbands said no.

Views of the ship!

Centre deck chandelier and some fine dining areas.

We did a lot of walking on the tours - but on the ship, too.


 Oh my god, am I lucky or what?

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