Friday, October 21, 2011

Unabashed Hussy Blog

Unabashed Hussy Me I looked up hussy and one of the definitions was a “shameless ho”. That seems to fit. I am throwing all my dignity away and selling my children. OK, well, the ones that I wrote, not birthed. Still. All because I want to be John Locke. Not the guy from Lost, the other guy. The one who sold a million ebooks. I haven’t finished reading his book about how he sold a million, because I don’t have time. So I brazenly sent out the following marketing plea to all the people I know. And even some I don’t know. I’ll let you know how it goes, but only if you become one of my customers. I’ll even tell John. Maybe he can add unabashed hussy to the index in his book. Could WE Sell a Million? Well, maybe not, but another writer did it, so why not try? Here’s how you can help make me a best seller and maybe sell…well, lots of books. You’ll also be eligible for prizes – a Kindle ereader or a gift certificate to your favourite restaurant are among the ideas that I’ve come up with. Of course, the higher the sales, the more numerous and better the prizes will be. Go through the steps below and you’ll see how it works. 1. On or after October 25, 2011, go to Amazon, Smashwords, or Kobo, or and order my book. The first one will be The Bridgeman, second Victim...maybe Legacy before Christmas. If you don’t have an ereader, you can choose a pdf file from Smashwords and read it on your computer until you win the Kindle. If you’ve already read them, pretend it’s a ticket for the prize. Don’t worry about registering for any of these Internet sites. They’re safe and they won’t bug you - if they ever do, tell me! Then let me know that you have bought it and I will put your name into the draw for a prize. If this is as far as you want to go, thank you thank you, and I hope we both win. If you can do a little more, see #2. 2. Get your friends, family, colleagues, people whose secrets you know, and people who owe you to do the same as #1. Ask them to tell you when they buy it. Then let me know, too. Your friends’ names will go into the draw and so will yours – if 10 friends bought, you get ten more chances and they get one each. If they tell their friends, etc – well, you get the idea. If this is as far as you want to go, a million thanks and again, may we both win. If you can do even more, see #3. 3. Give my book some stars and/or a review on Amazon or any of the other websites (such as Smashwords). Put it up on twitter or Facebook or any linkage to which you are connected - your company newsletter, whatever. Let me know that you did this, and you get (an)other chance(s) at the prize(s). If you can do even more, you must be my best friend or family ha ha - see #4. 4. Sign up for my blog at Again, they’re safe and they won’t bug you and if they ever do, tell me! My blogs will appear in your email on a regular basis, letting you know where I am so you can come see me and who knows? Win ANOTHER prize. Thank you for considering doing any or all of the above. You are the BEST. Cathy
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