Saturday, April 7, 2012

Workin' Hard

     This afternoon, I am writing. I have to do an article for our magazine, so I make a blank document and give it a name. I decide to do some tweets. Next I fill out the tax forms for our business. Now, the writing.
     Suddenly two morning doves alight on the windowsill outside my office. I have no idea why morning doves are up in the p.m., but here they are. One is a bit larger, with lovely blue markings; the other is small and mostly soft brown. I think the bigger one must be the male, because now and then he jumps on top of the other one. Plus he’s got the plumage. All males have plumage because they need to attract us females into their nests.
     Anyway, I’m still admiring my visitors when our smallest cat comes up to the shelf inside (which my husband built so they could look out the window…) and she sees the doves. They can’t see her, however. They continue to ruffle their feathers, coo; the female moves back and forth to escape her boisterous mate. Our cat begins to race, left to right, across the shelf, tracking the birds as they play. She can’t get at them; they can’t see her; no harm done.
     For some reason, this reminds me of my writing. I’m supposed to be writing. What a lovely scene to write about. However, I do have that article to finish and I have begun the finishes touches on novel five. Then there’s that cozy and the children’s book.
     Speaking of book five, I think about the Emily Taylor series and how my lovely publisher has suggested connecting it to Burchill. I’d claimed Book 4 was the last in the series, but Cheryl Tardif of Imajin Books is a brilliant marketer, and she knows what’s she talking about. After we spend so much time branding the Emily Taylor Mystery series, why not keep it going?
     I sit and bask in the gratitude for a few minutes, as the sun shines through my spotty windows, right on my face, warm and spring shy. The Bridgeman has been selling all around the world. People in the US, UK and Germany have my book, as well as my own Canadians. I am in awe. A few short months ago, I would never have believed this. I am excited, happy, challenged, thankful. Now Victim is going to spread her wings with a free promo, fly off to foreign lands, sit in homes hundreds of miles away from where I sit…doing nothing.
     Back to the writing. What did I call that article again? I know it’s on the desktop somewhere.
     Meanwhile, the doves fly away and Miss Monk goes to sleep purring.
     Suddenly, I have a great idea for how to connect Book 5 to Burchill. Where did I put that file?
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