Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cruise blog 6

Sept. 17

We're feeling the need for a ship day, but we meet John and Maire at breakfast and we all change our minds. After strolling into the lovely town, we're happy we did.
It's got a nice little beach, cobblestone streets, waterside caf├ęs and lots of shops. It's more lush than the other Greek Islands, with its tall evergreens and palms. Most people seem to have gone off to Olympia, the site of the first games, so we have leisurely strolls.
We shop, talk, sit in the breeze of a cafe. We have a fascinating visit to the Museum of Ancient Greek technology. The. Curator demonstrates inventions such as the pump (he squirts water all over the floor), a fountain, hydrolics. There are music all instruments, toys, and clocks. The puppet shows and theater exhibits are fascinating.
We have another great dinner and laughs in the Adalgio afterward.

Sept. 18
At Corfu we have our ship day. We find a cozy corner in the shade. The view of the island's hills and sales is spectacular from the 16th floor. We read, write, talk, swim and watch the clouds circle a royal blue sky. Most people have gone ashore so we enjoy a quiet, contemplative day.
As we sail from the harbor, sailboats - red, white, large, small - drift past the white and green mountains of Corfu.  Speculator in the afternoon sun. After dinner we watch the sun set over the horizon in blazing orange. A silver half moon takes its place.
We're on our way through the Aegean Sea, Italy on one side and Albania on the other. Off to Croatia!
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