Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I think I'm in Love

There aren’t many things I dislike about my writing career, but I have to admit I am fond of the marketing side. There are probably some deep psychological reasons for this (writers tend to be sensitive, ya know), but the main explanation for me is that it take time. Time I could be spending on – well, writing.

Instead, I tweet tediously, blog blandly – I mean, beautifully - facebook frantically, link-in laboriously – all right, you get the picture.

Imajin my joy when I discover the Author Marketing Club through my publisher, Imajin Books! The site now has 3000 members. WAY more than I could reach in one fell swoop. And all they ask of me is a blog and a couple of links. I think I’m in love.

Fellow authors - go!

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