Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Be My Guest! Alison Bruce!

 My friend Alison has a wonderful new book out, called Hazardous Unions. She wrote it with a writer colleague, Kat Flannery, whom you've met here before. I was intrigued by the co-authoring process and I think you will be too. Not to mention, their novel is about two sisters in the American Civil War - what a great concept!

Making a New Friend, by Alison Bruce

When Cathy asked me to talk about the collaboration process, I thought, oh no, not again. I thought I’d covered all of the angles on that topic in other posts and interviews. I was wrong. There is one side to the story that, not only have I not talked about yet, but is particularly appropriate for Cathy’s blog.
I’ve read elsewhere that creative collaborations, or business partnership, between friends can be disastrous. If you go into the partnership because you’re friends, without considering personalities, logistics, the ability to suppress one’s ego, it can lead to motive for murder. On the flip side, if you choose your partner based on common goals and complementary skills, that collaboration can turn into a friendship.
That’s what happened with Kat Flannery and I. We both have books published by Imajin Books. Because we both write western romance, we’ve done cross-promotions in the past. But with Kat being in Edmonton, Alberta, and I being in Guelph, Ontario, we didn’t have a chance to meet and be social. 
We still haven’t met in person, even though we’ve been working together now for almost a year. Regardless, I consider Kat my friend as well as writing partner. We’ve discovered the things we have in common. We both love history–obviously. We are research addicts. Our kids come first but we have a professional attitude towards our craft. The big deadlines are met, but we’re forgiving of each other when the little ones slide because of family matters. Having common values is one of the most important ingredients to a successful partnership. 
Kat and I have very different styles of writing. That’s okay because HAZARDOUS UNIONS is actually two novellas connected by twin sisters. We each tell a separate story coming from a common background. 
Why is this apropos for Cathy’s blog? Because Cathy and I met and worked together for close to a year before we got to meet too. We were both on the board of Crime Writers of Canada. We also both had a book called Legacy and that acted as an opening for conversation beyond meetings. We’ve been through a lot together since then, but it all started with email and Skype calls–just like with Kat.

Bestselling western romance authors, Kat Flannery and Alison Bruce take you on an exciting journey with the release of HAZARDOUS UNIONS, Two Tales of a Civil War Christmas.

Twin sisters separated by war, bound by love…

After the death of their father, twin sisters Maggie and Matty Becker are forced to take positions with officers’ families at a nearby fort. When the southern states secede, the twins are separated, and they find themselves on opposite sides of America’s bloodiest war.

In the south, Maggie travels with the Hamiltons to Bellevue, a plantation in west Tennessee. When Major Hamilton is captured, it is up to Maggie to hold things together and deal with the Union cavalry troop that winters at Bellevue. Racism, politics and a matchmaking stepmother test Maggie’s resourcefulness as she fights for Bellevue, a wounded Confederate officer and the affections of the Union commander.

In the north, Matty discovers an incriminating letter in General Worthington’s office, and soon she is on the run. With no one to turn to for help, she drugs the wealthy Colonel Cole Black and marries him, in hopes of getting the letter to his father, the governor of Michigan. But Cole is not happy about being married, and Matty’s life becomes all about survival.

Two unforgettable stories of courage, strength and honor


“You’ll sigh with pleasure as you finish each story” ~ Caroline Clemmons, author of Bluebonnet Bride

“Stories that play on your senses like a sonata. A must read!” ~ Jacquie Rogers, award-winning author of Much Ado About Madams

“Wonderfully entertaining and well-written, with engaging characters…delightful!” ~ Charlene Raddon, author of To Have and To Hold


Only $1.00 for a short time, so get it NOW, right HERE: HAZARDOUS UNIONS

By Alison Bruce (www.alisonbruce.ca) & Kat Flannery (www.katflannery-author.com)
Imajin Books (www.imajinbooks.com)

Alison Bruce has had many careers and writing has always been one of them. Copywriter, editor and graphic designer since 1992, Alison has also been a comic book store manager, small press publisher, webmaster and arithmetically challenged bookkeeper. She is the author of mystery, suspense and historical romance novels.

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