Saturday, December 6, 2014

There is No I in Team

You know that saying, "There is no I in team", right?

Well this morning (LA time) I had a thought that there is, actually, a lot of "I" in team.

This contradictory view was actually started by my publisher, Cheryl Tardif, of Imajin Books. 

   Not that she was advocating against the concept 
of playing as a    team.

As a matter of fact she encourages it. 
Her authors have a team chat line. 

We work as a team on Facebook and Twitter.

We share and support and encourage whenever we can.

This is the first time, however, that I have been involved in team marketing through an ebook bundle with Imajin. That's where the "I" comes in.

I get to be included with a whole bunch of other talented writers.

I get the benefit of their networks, expertise, a shared (and therefore much larger) budget, combined effort, coordinated marketing, and tons of encouragement.

I get to be part of a magnificent promotion. Naturally we have high hopes for our sale.

But regardless, we will have fun.

We'll send each other encouraging words.

We'll share our hopes, dreams, and moments of success.

That's the "I"! I am happy! I am thrilled.

Here's your "I": you get 12 entire novels for $1.99. You don't even have to choose between food and books. Repeat after me: "I can have both!"


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