Friday, July 15, 2016

Grand Bank, Fortune to France: A Newfie Blog

July 13: Abbie's Garden B & B is my favourite place of any B & B or hotel we've stayed in - and that's saying a lot. (Well, maybe there was that two-bedroom in LA.) Donna is a creative, friendly, warm host.

The chickens think we've got food for them. They still peep like babies, since they're very young.

We walk through the flowers and bushes and trails, swing on the garden swing, talk to the chickens and Mia, the resident dog. Breakfast is indeed sumptuous - particularly the plump raisin-filled scones!

 The day is filled with sunshine and warmth!

We drive into Fortune, only a few kilometres away, and book our ferry passage. Then we return to Grand Bank, where we tour the Seafarer's Museum and Harris House.

The museum is an "open warehouse" where artifacts from the seafaring life is showcased. Like this hearse and coffin!

Imagine these, filled to the brim with fish.

The morning sunshine starts off slowly, but soon the sky is one of those perfect blues, dotted with white clouds.

The sea is calm, a deep dark blue.

Vince strolls the harbour while we explore the beautiful Harris House.

Notice the widow's walk on the top! Dennis mentions how tense the women must have been, watching the sea for their loved ones' ships to come in.

Of course, we have to climb up to the widow's walk and gaze over the ocean the way they might have done years before.

We return to Fortune and Vince and I visit the geological centre. We learn a great deal about the rock formations here. They have the thickest boundary of rocks, which means the layers over the centuries are exposed and can be studied. Quite amazing.

Off we go to France, the island of St. Pierre.

The ferry is a huge catamaran, so it's a smooth ride across the sea.

Here we are on St. Pierre, a completely different cultural just 45 minutes across the water.

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