Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Book Touring

Having a new release is such a roller coaster ride! So many things going on. My google alert is pinging constantly. I am tweeting until I've turned into Big Bird. Sweet Karoline leapt onto the top 100 Bestsellers (Kindle Paid) on Amazon.ca and I turned into a mush ball. For sure, some of that is residue from my Mom's recent passing, especially since I dedicated this book to her. Some of it is simply the down slope of the roller coaster: an old broad like me gets a little overtired.

I am all over the place this week. From Guelph, ON, to Seattle, Washington and so on. No wonder I'm overtired LOL.

Some of my amazing followers, friends and fans have asked what they can do. Pick one of these blogs or interviews, read, and comment. That's all. Oh, and tell your friends to order Sweet Karoline (the ebook) while it's still at the introductory price of 99¢ US.

Don't forget the rafflecopter contest, too. I really would like to give away those books and that Amazon gift certificate.

First up, today, with Alison Bruce and Nighthawk in Guelph.
I was honored to be called a "Master Story Teller" at the Kindle Review
I was interviewed at Blog Critics.
And in the Seattle Post Intelligencer.
You can read a chapter of Sweet Karoline on As the Pages Turn
I have a guest post on Guest post on The Writer's Life
There's another interview on The Examiner
You can even enjoy an interview with Anne Williams, the main character of Sweet Karoline! on Beyond the Books

A whole bunch of thanks and hugs from me to you.
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